Monday, November 17, 2008

Since when?

Monday, November 17, 2008
Question for you, blog-readers.

When did the expression "gifted" become an acceptable term? As in, "Jane gifted me this brooch" or "Dick's parents decided to gift us a kitchen aid mixer" (man, I really want a kitchen aid mixer. I wish Dick's parents would GIVE ME a kitchen aid mixer)

Am I anal, or does this bother anyone else?

And for those of you that care, I made it through the wedding. I made it through the decorating and the rehearsals and the hair styling and the dressing of the bride and the actual ceremony (okay, there I cracked a little) and even the speech I made.

But alas, I have no camera (perhaps I could RECEIVE A CAMERA AS A GIFT) and so have no photos. Sorry. You'll all just have to imagine me with victorian-style ringlets and red lipstick, kickin' it in black satin with a rye and ginger in my hand, wearing the garter El Boyfriendo caught.


Michael said...

"Gifted" is not an acceptable term as you are using it. The only acceptable usage of the term is when describing someone's prowess in a certain skill. He is a gifted flautist. In the examples you have provided, the correct term is gave (first one) or give (second one). A gift is a noun or adjective, not a verb.

Quit ruining the English language, people!!!

(Not you Megan, I know you're fighting the good fight...)

Anonymous said...

Several comments here....
First, gifted is not a word unless used as in "re-gifted" or "That child sure it gifted!" You can't gift someone though. That is just ridiculous.
Second, I too would love a Kitchen Aid Mixer and a Camera!! Weird!
Third, Rye and Ginger is a dream come true. You totally rule me! (As if you didn't already know!)
Fourth, I miss you. Terribly in fact.
C le P