Thursday, November 13, 2008


Thursday, November 13, 2008
Do it. Go ahead and list for me what you want right now.

I want:

a gingerbread latte and a cookie
a hug, perferably including a little backrubbing
4 more hours in this day
a new Macbook
shoes that actually fit
someone to do my laundry
to just move house already
for my basement suite lady to shut the f up about the laundry room being in her basement. lady, you knew that was the case when you rented the joint and moved your virginal church working 45 year old twin bedded self on in. Suck it up or move out. Preferably option two.
To talk to my parents on the phone
Somewhere to go that is very very quiet
a tylenol 3
a million trillion dollars
to be essentially this happy, but not this stressed, for the rest of my life
to not cry in front of 150 people on Saturday
that digital camera I want that I keep seeing everywhere


Michael said...

I want:
-A MacBook Pro CTO with all the options
-A 2l bottle of Diet Coke/Diet Dr. Pepper
-Someone to move all my stuff for me
-Someone to clean my apartment after the move is done(including Fridge and Stove)
-A couple of Bengal Kittens and a roommate who would like/tolerate them
-Enough money for me to retire and become a hermit
-a time machine
-Chocolate bars that have no calories but still taste good (like full calorie chocolate bars)
-A car (preferably new)

Lady Rose said...

I want
- mac and cheese
- an end to badly facilitated meetings
- a gazillion dollars
- an animated kitten singing a dorky song in a high pitched, badly synthesized voice
- to be watching Quantum of Solace, right now!
- a cure for Alzheimers
- a homemade chocolate chip cookie