Saturday, November 01, 2008

Weekend Update!

Saturday, November 01, 2008
Eeeek, the first day after Halloween means the first day of Christmas Season!

Sarah and I hosted a little party last night that was a lot of fun. We had about 100 kids at the door and I was (unfairly) dubbed the Candy Scrooge.

What? One candy apiece! That seems standard to me.

This weekend I have high hopes of doing very little. I think I'm going to cozy up with my special gentleman friend, read a good book, maybe get a kick start on something crafty (I'm in a DIY mood) and watch some high-adrenaline action movies. I'd like to get a kick start on my Christmas shopping, but gosh-oh-gee I don't know what anyone wants...

(If I normally buy you presents, feel free to consider this your invitation to post what you want in the comments section).


Lady Rose said...

ummm...I want a lifesize candy statue of myself, a Honda Civic Hyrbrid, David Tennant to stay on as Doctor Who, or a pony.

Breanne said...

We usually do 3 candies/child. More if they're cute. Only one if the child is actually a teenager with no costume. Because while I'd like to just not answer the door for them I am concerned about cleaning egg off my house so I try to appease them with just one candy and a sort of glare to let them know I am not pleased that they are still trick or treating.