Tuesday, December 16, 2008

At least one-third Elf

Tuesday, December 16, 2008
Ho ho! I did get sent home early from work this morning. And what did I do with my day? I busted out my best Ms. Claus, tied on my super-cute frilly apron and shopped, baked, wrapped and baked again.

24 mini cherry cheesecakes (btw, what DOES one do with half a can of cherry pie filling?), 3 dozen sugar cookies, 9 wrapped gifts, one Christmas CD (repeated twice) and hundreds of sprinkles later, CHRISTMAS HAS ARRIVED!

Basking in the warmth of the space heater, it occurred to me that Christmas is but a week and a day away, and I am finally in a festive mood.

But it also occurred to me, as I was rolling out the cookie dough that had stuck to the friggin' counter, again, that there are about a zillion skills that my mother (and every other mother on the planet) seems to have, that I totally lack.

Now, I am not sounding any alarm bells, relations, parents and boyfriend please don't freak out, for I am not having childrens today nor anytime soon...but holy crap, there's a lot of stuff I've got to learn, STAT.

Is there a secret book? Is there like, a Mom Manual that arrives care of the Stork, dropped off at my door 6 weeks before the little bundle of joy arrives, that explains how to do EVERYTHING?

Because I am seriously going to need it.

In 5 years.

Or so.

Not that I have a timeline.

Or anything.


Cookies, anyone?


The goofy elf. No not that one, the other one... said...

-1/2 can of cherry pie filling and 24 cherry cheesecake mini-tarts? 24 more cherry cheesecake mini-tarts.

-Mom Manual?

Meg said...

Totally already own that book...

Breanne said...

Uh... if there is said manual I think someone forgot to drop it off at my Mom's house. No cookie baking there... although she does make a mean poppycock!