Monday, December 08, 2008

I continue to shame myself in public

Monday, December 08, 2008
Carring a fake potted palm tree, I stroll into the office supply room. In a festive mood, I am silently, in my head, singing "You're a mean one, Mister Grinch", when I open the stationary supply closet to find a new spiral bound notebook.

As the song in my head reaches the climax of the chorus, I do a little hip wiggle and close the closet door. Turning around, I spy my coworker keeled over in half, leaning on the photocopier for support, red in the face and doing that painful tears in the eyes silent laugh.

Apparently I belted out in my best Boris Karloff imitation, "MISTER GRIIIIIIIINCH" while I was head into the supply closet.

Why do I ALWAYS do this? Is there anyone else on the planet that sometimes doesn't realize that they're not, in fact, using their Inside My Head voice?!

My coworker is still trying to hold back the laughter.


Anonymous said...

I've done that. In a classroom full of 10-12 year olds. They think it is HILARIOUS. I feel your pain.
C le P