Thursday, December 18, 2008

It's still snowing...

Thursday, December 18, 2008
Still. Awesome. If I actually enjoyed cold-weather outdoor activities, I would be blissfully content.

I don't, but it's really pretty.

Last night I ate so much Thai at the King & I. Deeelish. I've had little experience with Thai- I generally lean towards delicious delicious vietnamese, and this time last year I was on quite the sushi kick. I'll always be a fan of Western Canadian Chinese- ginger beef, chicken friend rice, sweet and sour chicken balls, wonton soup. But that coconut green curry and shrimp was really delicious. Too bad that the King & I is mostly out of the 2009 Megan Budget.

Speaking of the 2009 Megan Budget, I've come up with a solution to my "Going to Germany and Got No Way to Pay" predicament.

I've secured myself a part-time job.

For the next little while, most of my Saturday and Sunday afternoons will be spent.....

as a Bridal Consultant at the swankiest Wedding Boutique in town.

Totally not what you thought I'd say, eh?

My rationale being: I wanted to work in retail ('cause I'm sick in the head), I wanted to work somewhere that would be fun and different, I have experience with "High End Retail Snobbery" and I didn't want to blow my entire paycheque on staff-discounted merchandise.

Hellooooo, many-thousand-dollar-wear-once-gowns. Won't be bringing any of you home, that's for sure.


Erin-Dot-D said...

Ok, I'm back. Fun. Ok one thing I've got to ask. WTF is up with the cold this past week. I feel like I'm going to die everytime I go outside. Damn those mofo's who can work from home!

Meg said...

The key to not dying is the perfect blisteringly cold winter trifecta:

stay inside
drink alot (may I suggest: Baileys in coffee?)
dress in many many many layers- at minimum, 4.

Gary said...

I guess my two layers of clothing doesn't make the grade? However this morning I wish it had been two layers of gloves, brrr it was a cold one.

Erin-Dot-D said...

Hee hee, ya I have a bottle of baileys in my fridge, I save it for the weekend, cause there's nothing classy about walking into work at 8:30am with liquor breath, or so I've been told.
I once had brandy in coffee, it was super.

Meg said...

Whoever told you that was a liar.

Kathleen said...

Congratulations on the new job, it sounds kinda fun.