Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My new view

Wednesday, December 10, 2008
I used to look out my office window and see a lovely park and an old sandstone school.

Then they fenced the park, tore up the grass and trees and dug a giant pit. I had the pleasure of construction site sounds and dust all day long.

But now I've moved across the office and what do I see?

I look out on 8th street. Into a dodgy Best Western alley. And currently, directly in my line of vision is an overflowing garbage can.

Exactly the inspiration I need on a cold, sluggish Wednesday. Hopefully that trash receptacle full of coffee cups and muffin wrappers and yesterday's paper will give me the creative spark I require to write thank you cards to sponsors, volunteers and fundraising run participants.



Also, up for debate: what should I wear to the Christmas party on Thursday?

-go buy that dress from Reitmans, it's on super sale and you'll definitely wear it again
-wear the dress you already own, it's not seasonally appropriate and has a hole in it, but seriously, is anyone going to notice?
-pull out last year's snazzy purple velour top and a black skirt, it's festive enough
-fuzzy bathrobe


Gary said...

The one on sale that you'll wear again sounds like a good choice.

Laurel said...

Option #1

K Johnson said...

The bathrobe, but only if you have slippers to match...otherwise it would just look weird!

Lady Rose said...

hmmm...what colour is the robe? is this your yellow shorty robe we're talking about here?

Meg said...

Is there another robe?

(well, actually, there is- I recently invested in a less short and not yellow robe, but obviously I'm talkin' fuzzy yellow here)