Monday, December 22, 2008

Oh Christmas Zit, Oh Christmas Zit...

Monday, December 22, 2008
How lovely to see you again!


For the past year my skin has been essentially clear and glowing. I am working my way towards the traditional English rose complexion- which is to say, pale as the day is long. But at least my skin is clear.

Yeah, until yesterday morning, when it arrived.

I swear that damn zit shows up every year, like someone's Great-Uncle Melvin who is sort of crazy and a bit handsy and always smells like Canadian Club- it's part of the holiday and no matter how you mentally prepare and try to find something to occupy its attention, nope. There it is. Rearing it's ugly little presence.

So ONCE AGAIN I will have the unfortunate task of trying to concealer that thing out of view in all the Christmas photo ops.

Or I could talk nice to my Uncle Ray (who is totally not like Great Uncle Melvin AT ALL in ANY WAY) and get him and his Photo Editing Elves to fix that problem for me, apres the fact.