Monday, December 15, 2008


Monday, December 15, 2008
Well, I tried. I had been doing so well, updating in the morning, et cetera.

But the Friday Funk became the Sunday Blues, which then turned into the Monday I don't wanna be heres.

I got nothin', blogosphere. I have no witty stories, no bon mots, no rants. I've just got a cold cup of coffee, low water pressure as a result of frozen pipes in our office building, and the desire to curl up into a ball and come out again in April.


Erin-Dot-D said...

I have just spent my entire lunch hour reading your blog, random posts in random order. I must say it's quite amusing. Thank you for providing me with an hours worth of entertainment, so I didn't have to shoot myself in the brain. (as a result of boredom)

Meg said...

Well, thank you. And you're welcome- I do try my best to prevent others from shooting themselves in the brain (though I often am tempted to do the same myself).