Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Santa Baby...

Wednesday, December 03, 2008
Dear Santa,

Wow. A whole year has passed! Look at that. And here we are, in 2008, and I am finally not starting this letter with, "Dear Santa, all I really want is *cue the music* Somebody to Love. And a pony. Hugs and kisses, Megan. PS- please make sure to poke holes in the box so my new rockstar boyfriend can breathe. And the pony."

Nope, this year, I've got pretty much everything a girl could want. I've got a sweet house with heating that is mostly inconsistent, enough tide-to-go pens to last me a lifetime, a new toothbrush (Thanks, Dentist!) and a boyfriend who isn't a rock star, but didn't ditch me the one time I accidentally called him Sugar Bear at a cocktail party my friends were having. Ooops!

So because I've been so fortunate in 2008 to have great friends and amazing family and found sappy sap sap sap, sap sap saaaap sap sap outrageous happiness with Somebody to Love (*cue music- what, too much?*), I'm going to dictate a list that is full of stuff I have absolutely no honest belief of ever recieving, unless someone hits the jackpot/SURPRISE! finds themselves to be old money/does some serious crimes.

And so, for your perusal, my I Was Super Nice in 2008, No Honestly, I Swear, I Only Was Mean To My Brother Once wish list:

-A new macbook
-A trip to Fiji
-A pair of Manolos to call my own
-A spa visit a week for the rest of my life
-one hundred million dollars, in small bills
-an indoor pool, empty, so I can place said bills in and roll in them ala Scrooge McDuck
-A box of puppies
-The penthouse in the Stella condo building
-A box of puppies
-A private jet, plus fuel for the year
-A sephora gift card, worth about $30.

Thanks, Santa!

Hugs and Kisses,



Lady Rose said...

that's a very modest ring you've chosen...

Meg said...

I feel it is appropriate for swimming in piles of money. One wouldn't want something GAUDY, for heavens sake.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Santa could give you help with your HTML...


Meg said...

Look, Santa can take his HTML and shove it.

Breanne said...

Oh how I don't miss htmling...

Why is box o' puppies on there twice? Is it just that important? I have one puppy and I must say a whole box sounds a bit daunting.

Meg said...

yes. It's super important because puppies are adorable, and they are even more adorable-er when in a box. But I think I really just want to play with a box full of puppies for a little bit, then give it back. Can I rent a box of puppies?

Lady Rose said...

I too could do with some Thump in my life. Awesome and equally unreasonable request