Sunday, December 28, 2008

There is once again I'm assuming, no snow in Africa this Christmas

Sunday, December 28, 2008
Well, it's over. Unless you are a follower of the Orthodox Calendar- then it's not even HERE yet!

I ran up to Saskatoon yesterday to meet up with Erin and Carmen and pick out fab bridesmaid dresses for Erin's wedding. Let me tell you- that was easier and entirely more fun than anticipated. However, it seems that the mornings of sitting on the couch eating a cookie and drinking coffee with full-fat whipping cream in it while my mom cooks sausage need to come to a rapid close, or I won't look so hot in that body skimming ivory satin number.

Thankfully (and also, Mournfully), tomorrow morning I'll head back home to Calgary where breakfast is overlooked and coffee with real cream is a mere fantasy.

So here it is, because I've got nothing else to blog about- my 2008 Christmas Morning Giftventory:

-electric skillet
-sony cyber shot camera
-camera case, water and diet soda proof
-snowman cookie jar
-2 moleskin notebooks
-body wash scented like a caramel mocha latte (sweeeeet)
-framed Group of Seven print
-two cookbooks
-turquoise sweater and matching camisole
-sephora gift card
-iPod car charger for Gary to use because I no longer own a working iPod (maybe should have mentioned that earlier)
-Stocking: 6 pairs of black socks, peppermint body wash, vanilla body wash, 2 packs of gum, 3 chocolates, smartie ball, hideous but super warm knitted slipper booties, stress-relieving body lotion

From Gary: Awesome box full of all my most beloved things, including the 6 season SATC Ultimate box set, the SATC Movie Extended Cut bluray, a giant jar of gummi bears, body butters, coffee...on and on with awesomeness!

From Gary's Mom: 2 purses, sweet pea body wash, candles, soap, an angel ornament

It was seriously an awesome year for gift-receiving.