Friday, December 19, 2008

Three Work Days Left...

Friday, December 19, 2008
I really should have called in "not coming" to work this morning. Seriously. I have a headache (again) and I completely lack motivation. And breakfast. Usually I have something kicking around here that's consumable, but all I'm looking at today is leftover cookies and the gross fruit-creme chocolates left in the treat box. Sigh.

The first thought I had this morning, after 'bleeeerg, is it 7:15? No, it's 8:15. Damn you, daytime.' was 'how many sleeps?!'. Then I blurrily counted them out on my fingers. Twice.

There are 4 sleeps until I force Gary to open his present(s?) early.

There are 5 sleeps until I pack up the car and head to El Rancho Doug and Lenore.

There are 6 sleeps until Santa comes.

I'm a little bit excited. I've got two more gifts to purchase and wrap, and a few more cards to mail today. I suppose I should do some laundry so I have clean clothing to don under the tree, but I was mostly banking on wearing the PJ's I bought at Superstore for $6.94 all holiday long.

The end of this month, and thus, the end of this year cannot come soon enough. I'm ready, 2009, whenever you are. (For the record...13 more sleeps until 2009).


Lady Rose said...

Christmas!!! Why aren't you here yet!!!

At least you get some early present opening to tide you over.