Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Wednesday, January 21, 2009
Last night I made fish for dinner. I don't really know how to cook fish. It's one of my 101 list items- and I only have to do it 4 more times. I maple-glazed, then baked in foil some salmon. Served with rice and veg, I had it on the table roughly 10 minutes after Gary got home from the gym. (Does that win me any kind of girlfriend award? I think it should...)

I'm terrified of buying frozen fish filets. I have fear of cooking pretty much all meat. Meat and I, we don't really agree on much. Other than its deliciousness, but when I'm driving the cooking train, it can be rough. Hopefully the salmon experiment didn't kill either of us- but so far, so good.

I'm off to see the Marilyn play tonight at the Glenbow. I had a bit of an internal debate this morning- what does one wear to a VIP performance of a play about a sexpot? Do I sexpot it up? Do I go with what I always wear to VIP performances of plays? Do I wear what I wear to a normal play (jeans...'cause I'm lazy).

Ultimately, I ran out of time staring at my clothing options, most of which are calf-length skirts and black cowl neck sweaters, and put on what was clean.

No diamonds or pink satin or mink for this girl. Hopefully I can sneak in unnoticed in the back.

This blog post sucked.


Breanne said...

M&M meats sells salmon on cedar planks with specific cooking instructions... I feel that M&M provides me with fool proof cooking experiences. I recommend it! :)