Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Fridge Door

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

This is the upper part of my fridge door. I wanted to show you it because I am crazy like that.

On my fridge, you'll currently find:

-An 'emergency family contact list' for my roommate and I
-3 copies of a photo of Rundle Hallers from the 2002 Residence Formal (I lived in Kananaskis Hall)
-A photo of me sitting poolside in Vegas
-Several magnets with inappropriate sayings related to body piercing, anti-suburbia and solving problems with substance abuse
-coupon for free onion rings (at least, that's what I'd choose as my buy one get one item!)
-Concert tickets
-Old nametag
-Photo taken in Banff
-Postcard notifying a former tennant of a shoe sale
-Inspirational card
-Thank you cards
-Magnet of the library in my hometown
-Utilities payment cheque


Gary said...

I enjoy this new photo a day thing.

Meg said...

I'm glad, because soon enough I'll run out of random inanimate things to photograph and it'll be all you.

Breanne said...

That might be weird (photo of Gary each day...). But until then, I also enjoy the photos. And I too have my ATP name tag on my fridge. My fridge is primarily photos though. It's getting out of control.

K Johnson said...

My fridge door is currently covered with those little word magnets that I have to remember to rearrange when my Mom comes over. She doesn't need to see the innappropriate messages that get written in this house!

Robert said...

ok, totally unrelated to youf fridge, but I had to share: