Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Wednesday, January 28, 2009
In preparation for my big move, I threw out a lot of things.

I feel really terrible about it, but honestly- no one wants most of my old crap. I'm donating anything remotely usable from the kitchen, and some of my old furniture, and of course, clothes. I'm recycling magazines and the like, but when it comes down to half-empty bottles of hand lotion and old fliers from parties in 2004: trash time.

I've probably thrown out as much, if not more, than I kept. I looked at boxes I moved the last time I changed households, realized that I've never even opened them, and just tossed them straight in the garbage.

But I did go through countless boxes, bins, and bags of stuff.

Megan stuff.

Mementos, memorabilia, paraphernalia...crap.

All of these things that defined who I was at a certain point in time, and now, they're in Glad bags sitting in the alley.

It was a little hard to say goodbye to 2005, 2006, 2003 Megan. I tossed out cocktail napkins with pithy sayings, boxes of business cards, feather boas I wore to the bar, journals and notebooks and random scribbles and scraps, posters, stuffed U of C Dino toys, term papers, costume pieces, picture frames, plastic souvenir beer mugs, and more than a few post-its with notes from old roommates and friends. All of the things I surrounded myself with because THAT'S WHO I WAS.

I thought it would be harder. To realize that I wasn't that person anymore.

But on Sunday, when I finished shelving books and putting away (full) bottles of perfume and lotion, there was no remorse.

2009 Megan? She's got less stuff. And that's okay. Because stuff is just stuff.

And as lame as it sounds, it did take 24 years for me to figure it out.

(...2009 Megan kind of wants nicer stuff, anyway.)


Snowflake said...

When you start to feel lonesome for some of your "stuff" remember that we still have a few boxes of "Megan stuff" in the garage and the closet of your old bedroom is far from being empty!!

Senor Ping said...

Yeah... might be 2003 Megan in there

Meg said...

Hmm. Sure hope there's more room in the garage...