Wednesday, January 14, 2009

There goes the neighbourhood

Wednesday, January 14, 2009
The unthinkable has happened.

And I think it might be my fault.

Saturday night, post-dinner party, Gary and I cleaned up my house, put away the leftovers and put on our winter coats to walk back to our (whoa) (technically, not yet officially ours but I'm breaking it in casual-like) (whoa) apartment.

We were walking up Kensington Road, and I don't know, maybe it was the fact that I had had six (at least) glasses of wine by that point, but my whole entire universe shattered.

"HOLY CATS!" (or something thereabouts) I exclaimed.

My favourite used book store, an icon in the neighbourhood, home of hours and dollars spent on cheap paperbacks and odd old VHS tapes, has closed.

But what happened to Boom Boom, the in-house persian cat?

I stood on the street and my face fell, and I looked forlorn, and I swear I didn't cry.

I'm leaving my 'hood, where I've worked and lived and loved and slept and caffeinated for years, and it's falling to pieces. Used bookshops with character and pets and really cute guys that can definitely swindle you out of fair price for your pristine quality hardcovers have been replaced with THE MOM STORE.

I just...I...just...don't.

So help me god, if the next thing that goes up is a Boston Pizza...


PatZ said...

i was expecting more of a revelation about the now favourable reaction to The Hip.

Evil said...

As you move onto another phase of your life, the stores in your neighbourhood are changing to meet your needs. It's a sign. No more used books, it's MOMMY TIME!!!