Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner (Theatre)!

Tuesday, February 03, 2009
This weekend, Gary and I will cram one younger brother and one younger brother's awesome ladyfriend into the tiny backseat of my Japanese car and make way for the flatlands.

I'm pretty excited about going home. I think it's been made obvious because roughly twice a day, I turn to Gary and say, "I'm pretty excited about going home".

The Oasis Players Dinner Theatre is a highlight of the winter season in Eatonia. My mother is heavily involved, because Baileys don't really get involved in things half-way.

You may ask, "Why Oasis Players?" and I will answer.

My hometown of Eatonia, Saskatchewan, is home to 400-some people. (side note: my dad took the photo in this article). Eatonia is a lovely town, with the slogan "The Prairie Oasis". The welcome sign used to, and still might, features a palm tree.

Isn't that informative?

This year, Gary and Julia will experience first-hand what it's like to meet 300 or so people in one evening who have known their significant others since birth. They will experience the delicious roast pork and various salads spread. I will buy lots of drink tickets and we will all get "slightly" toasted and the 3 block walk home across town will be refreshing. It will be grand.

Oh, right, and we'll see a play. Hooo boy!


Snowflake said...

You should have been a bit more specific. Your dad took the picture of the train station not Eatonia 1920.

Meg said...

Well, I assumed that people would know that my Dad wasn't around taking photos in 1920.

Breanne said...

I briefly did the math and decided that there was no way your Dad was old enough to have taken the 1920 photo.I questioned your honesty and then realized there was another photo.

Blogger said...

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