Thursday, February 05, 2009

What to Wear

Thursday, February 05, 2009
Tonight I've got to pack to head to El Rancho Doug and Lenore. It usually takes me approximately 6 minutes to pack to go to Eatonia.

Unders, socks (but usually I just steal them from Mom), pants, a shirt per day, contact solution. There are usually extra toothbrushes lying around, and I left enough crap there when I moved out that hair products, body lotion and perfume are never far away.

I'm a very efficient packer. I believe that I could, given the opportunity (and the ability to take my only sold in big bottles contact solution aboard), use only a carry-on bag for a 10 day trip anywhere.

But tonight I have to figure out what I'm going to wear on Saturday night.

A Saturday night out in Eatonia is a rough wardrobe connundrum.

When I was 19-22, pretty much everything I owned was low cut. REALLY low cut. So every time I went out, I looked like Cleavage McGee and I'm sure while I thought I was hot, I really looked ridiculous.

Now that my entire wardrobe is made up of black cowl, turtle and v- neck sweaters, (wearing one right now...), looking trampy is slightly more difficult, but not impossible.


It doesn't help that I'm on a self-imposed clothing buying ban until April.




Snowflake said...

I would like to help you out and make a few suggestions but I am still in the "what to wear" mode myself and I need to leave in less than an hour. Sorry!!!

Lady Rose said...

green sweater/tweed skirt combo?

ummmm...I'm having trouble thinking of any of your clothes that aren't of the black cowl/turtle necked variety.

Meg said...

All I own is green sweaters, tweed skirts and black sweaters. Man. That mostly sucks.