Thursday, March 12, 2009


Thursday, March 12, 2009
I had two significant dreams last night.

One entailed being on vacation, and going on an assisted scuba dive. It was really awesome, and though I've never really been keen on the idea before, I really want to try it now.

The second was considerably more epic and unnerving.

In this dream, the police came to my house (which happened to be my Grandma Olga's, for unexplained reasons). Apparently there to bust me, they found three dead sex trade workers, a boatload of illegal drugs, and some unpaid utility bills. The charge they called me in on?

Unpaid utility bills.

I'm concerned. This does not say positive things about my subconcious, internets. It says that in my mind, not paying the gas bill is worse than harbouring dead prostitutes and enough drugs to rival even the most sophisticated Hollywood drug lord.



Abbey Shaw said...

I officially love your dreams.
It's okay, I've been dream checking all of mine lately..
and it's ALL bad news bears.
Bad relationships, bad sex, bad obstacles that I never expected, blah blah blah.
Life is gonna suck.
and you know what I say?
EFF YOU SUBCONSCIOUS, I'm not a realtor who deals with burglaries and gets bit by a snake that turns bright green.


Lady Rose said...

nice use of the term sex trade worker. I'm rubbing off on you.

though notice that when you wanted to get crude you used the word prostitute. What does that tell us about the negative associations we have with that word (which is supposed to be a neutral word as compared to hookers or whores).

Michael said...


If your dreams are prophetic, Erin's wedding is going to absolutely rock!!!