Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Free TV!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Last night, Gary and I ventured out of our downtown core comfort zone to a television preview event in the southern-most bowels of the city. Ok, it was just across the street from the Walmart on Macleod, but man, it felt like we were waaaayyyy down there.

We watched two shows from the uncomfort of shoddy hotel conference seating; one hour-long drama about soulmates and past lives, and one half-hour sitcom about the wacky hijinks of Dads. We also had the novelty of watching TV on a screen much, much, much, MUUUUCCCHHH smaller than the one we have at home, and the evening even included commercials!

We watch all our TV either on DVD, streamed over the interweb, or downloaded from some pirate site. I don't get involved in the pirating because I'm legit and also, Gary's computers scare me.

Seriously. The thing has 5 monitors, many towers of doom and data, and takes up like a third of our living space.

But at any rate, we never.watch.commercials. Every year I trek to the World's Best Commercials reel at the Plaza because I'm never exposed to televised advertising at any other time. For someone with a marketing degree and an original intention to break into the fast-paced world of advertising (ha! shattered dreams), that's pretty blasphemous.

It was weird, watching ads for fabric softener and in-shower body lotion. I suddenly feel the need to coat my person and my home in fresh lavendar scent- and thanks to that new Pinesol, it's totally possible.

Also, other people are weird. Watching an evening's worth of strange television pilots with a room full of strangers has got to be the strangest thing I've done in a few weeks. I'll do it again (because who DOESN'T love previewing a show about past lives? Hellooo, I'm all about my soul mate getting killed at Pearl Harbour and then materializing decades later in the waiting room of a hypnotist!), but I've gotta say- given the choice, I'll take snuggling at home on our hideous, heat-bearing green sofa (sorry, Gary, I know you love that sofa) watching Terminator, sans commercials, on a 92 inch screen any day.