Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Overusage of the term "we" will result in self-destruction

Wednesday, March 11, 2009
Now that I've spent almost an entire year in smug coupledom (mwa-ha! take that, high school chums and ex-paramours who never thought it would happen!) I find my weeknight activities have changed quite dramatically.

Previously, I spent my weeknight evenings at the pub, having coffee, reading, gabbing on the phone, and mostly going on pointless dates with losers. Er, I mean, meeting interesting people.

Now, "we" spend our Tuesday evenings surfing condo porn and drooling over 3 bedroom, $600,000 downtown properties, though last night we also scoped out some $360,000 dream homes in the sky.

The other night, we spent an outrageous amount of time trying to determine what the baby toys listed on our friends' baby registry were, exactly. Oh, Babies Backwards-R Us, why you gotta be so hard to navigate and full of things we don't understand?

(You try explaining to your 28 year old only child boyfriend what a diaper genie is. Go ahead. Just try. And then try to explain to him why you know this)

And sometimes we watch downloaded episodes of tv shows like Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (his) and How I Met Your Mother (hers).

But tonight, I'm going over to Chez Rose to watch the Brier, drink diet cola and gossip. Oh, a taste of the single life. How sweet it is.


Breanne said...

Ask her why she never updates her blog anymore puh-leeze. As a loyal reader it's been 2 weeks!

Jane McC said...

I'm a girl and I don't know what a diaper genie is! (But as I'm in Australia and we are still part of the commonwealth that phrase has more problems than 'genie'...we say 'nappies' instead of it a person who cleans up for you?

Meg said...


It's a machine that seals dirty 'nappies' in plastic, and then links the plastic pod things in a chain so the smell is contained before you can dispose of them.

Abbey Shaw said...

I love the diaper genie.
I'm 19, and I know what it is!! haha.

Thank god I don't have a child to show for it yet.
I'm interested to see what I'll be like in a little while to see if I last. If my friends started having children, I swear to you.. AUGH!

That sounds like a wonderful night.
I bought the new kelly CD and made my dbf listen to it ALL.