Monday, March 02, 2009

It's not that I don't love you or anything

Monday, March 02, 2009
I feel uninspired. I completely believe that all of you crazy people who read this on a regular basis must be pretty tired of my endless posts about cohabitation capers and everyone in my life giving birth.

Yeah, well, I'm a good 5 weeks from my twenty-fifth birthday and that's pretty much all I've got.

I have entered that phase. The horrible mid-twenties phase. The phase marked by showers: baby, wedding, late-coming-out-of-the-closet (there should seriously be a "Hey, I'm Gay!" Shower, don't you think?). Most of the sassy cocktail dresses I buy these days are intended to match those of two or three other women as we stand in front of a group of people and watch one of our friends or relatives flounce about in a white ball gown.

I'm learning the ins and outs of onesies and breast pumps and whether or not the paint on that toy contains lead.

And that's my life. Aside from working, sleeping, watching the occasional dvd and a weekly Sunday morning trip to the grocery store- that's all I'm doing.

For your sake, I sincerely hope that I can shake things up a bit around here, because I highly doubt you want to read posts about the merits of fume-free oven cleaner, why I prefer cucumber-melon scented dish soap, how there will never be enough room in the closet for his clothes AND mine, and why we can't agree on a brand of yogurt.


Lady Rose said...

You know what's really bad? That lavender scented dish soap. It's just not right. I want to lay down and take a nap halfway through doing the dishes.

Meg said...

Oh, man. I love the smell of lavender. And vanilla. But they don't smell *clean* enough for dishes, in my opinion. I don't want to be opening the kitchen cupboards and drifting off into a dreamy wonderland, while dinner scorches on the stove.

I love naps. Have I mentioned this? I haven't napped in far too long. Maybe I need some of that dishsoap.

Snowflake said...

I can't believe a daughter of mine would be buying anything melon or cucumber scented...did I not teach you that when I taught you not to buy watermelon flavored gum!!!

Michael said...

Watermelon flavoured gum was the bestest gum ever!!! Must put that on the grocery list...