Wednesday, March 04, 2009

OMG. Check out my left hand!!!

Wednesday, March 04, 2009
Today was a really important day.

I realized something today.

The future.

It's here.

Holy crap.

I'll be honest, this epiphany was brought about by a viewing of the critically acclaimed and hugely relevant film, The Terminator.

And yes, it's 2009 and the world has yet to experience the machines taking over and killing us all and making us live underground and in fear of American Senators.

But totally. The future is here.

That movie came to be in the same year that I did. In that movie, the 'far-off distant future' is precisely twenty years from now. By all intents and purposes, people, the future is here. Already. And we have very little to show for it.

Where is my flying car?

Where is my robot maid that does the dishes?

Where is my post-apocalyptic wasteland? (Okay, I don't really want that one so much).

I've totally lost it. One too many sci-fi flicks and I've gone overboard. I'm going to start living for the now, peoples, and in the here and now...

I have a cut on my ring finger.

Come OOOON. As if I would actually do that, and announce any kind of left-hand related engagement on my BLOG. Pshhh.

I'd at least phone some of you first.


Breanne said...

I had a heart attack. I now have to go back and read this post because I skimmed looking for details.

No offense to Gary re: the heart attack. Just thought I'd meet the guy first! :)

PS: Hot bandaid... or is it called a gauze/tape combination???

Meg said...

He he he. Sorry!

Don't worry, Breanne. You'll have met him a few times before any of that action goes on!

bellini said...

not funny. i gasped SHUT UP! in my writing II class and everyone stared.


Meg said...

Oh, it IS funny.