Saturday, March 28, 2009

Shot through the heart!

Saturday, March 28, 2009
Last night I did a really grown up lady thing and went to a fundraising gala.

The Sage Theatre "Underground Imagine Factory" party was a lot of fun. The theme was sort of a rave/circus/prom, in the Calgary Opera Centre, this super cool old church that manages to not feel old churchy. I think it'd be a rocksauce place to get married, if you have a lot of friends that are into raucus partying and want to hire a live band.

I am tetering on the edge of wanting to elope.

At any rate, Gary and I were challenged by the dress code: "Wear What You Dare", and we dared to arrive under dressed. Next year, it's fishnets and corsets all around- and I'll be in a swishy ball gown.

This was the first fundraiser I've been to where I bought 50/50 tickets, the fancy cocktail that came in a souvenier blinky martini glass, extra drink tickets, and bid on silent auction items.

I guess the fact that I paid to get in, woke up without a hangover and wasn't just there to scam free booze is definitely a sign of Grown Up Ladydom.

*Yeah, okay, the title had absolutely nothing to do with the post, but Gary is vaccuming and blasting the Bon Jovi.


Lady Rose said...

I only hope that I was maintaining my Grown Up Lady status whilst stumbling through my beer haze.

I think I may have seriously frightened a couple of women who were hovering near my silent auction bid.

Grown Up Ladies need their one of a kind purple silk scarves.