Tuesday, March 03, 2009


Tuesday, March 03, 2009
I don't understand the weather in this city.

Yesterday it was nice, sunny and warm. I pranced down the street bare-legged in ballet flats, twirling and basking in the glow of the warm afternoon sun.

Today it is some strange combination of snow/rain, and everything is covered with a good inch of icy slush.

I don't know how to walk in slush. I'm from SASKATCHEWAN, people. We don't have slush. We have snow up to the eaves, and then bone dry. Those are the two options in Saskatchewan.

If I had wanted weather conditions like this, I would have moved to Vancouver. But I didn't. And so I expect March in Calgary to be grey, sunny sometimes, and if it must snow, then it should be real, legitimate snow.

Also, as a side note, to the jerk who decided it was "fun" to drive really fast through the collected muck on the side of the road this morning to splatter the poor bystanding pedestrians?

I hope you had a ridiculous time finding a decent parking spot that ultimately cost you over $30 for the day.