Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Zombie Plan

Tuesday, March 10, 2009
Most of you know that I have an elaborate, yet straight forward plan of action in the event of a zombie apocalypse. Those of you that aren't aware of this fact either don't know me in person or haven't been listening carefully enough.

I'm pleased to report that my zombie plan would also be effective in the event of a world-wide plague or epidemic- which we all know would likely cause the zombie apocalypse. This helps me sleep at night.

But you know what? I think I just scratched my zombie plan for a newer, simpler, less-BS plan: Stay right where I am. Zombies are cold-blooded and would freaking freeze to death here.

Ah, safety in snowstorms. Something warm and comforting about that, isn't there?

Unfortunately, this plan would be completely ineffective in the event of a machines-taking-over apocalyptic event. In that case, we're all totally screwed.


Meg said...

Repeat after me:

Too Many Action Movies.

Lady Rose said...

If the zombie apocalypse came I would totally be eaten in the first wave.

For some reason I feel that in a machine based apocalypse I would join the resistance movement and perhaps make some valuable contributions before being killed.

Meg said...

I know you'd be in the first wave of zombie converts- but that alarms me because taking you with me was totally part of my plan.

I think in the machine based uprising, I'd die. I'm too trusting of ze interwebs to begin with, and I think Death by iPod is a reasonable way to go.

As long as my skull isn't piled up and then crushed by some kind of road maintenance vehicle.

Say it again: too many action movies.

PatZ said...

I'm afraid I've found fault with your plan.
If the zombie apocalypse happens in the summer you're screwed. AND if the robotic apocalypse happens within the same time frame, the robots COULD built heating devices to keep the zombies 'alive' and eating all winter long.
you know what your plan is missing? a Hummer and a big ass gun.

Meg said...

how do you know I haven't thought that out?

In fact, the plan involves a Cadillac Escalade and a home-made improvised flamethrower.

Abbey Shaw said...

Oh people's infatuations with zombies.

Totally random, but lately I've been discussing writing a zombie musical. haha.

Lady Rose said...

I think there were two zombie musicals at the Calgary fringe last year.

What's with the latest zombie popularity fad?

(I'll try to stay alive for you Megan. I kind of want to try out that improvised flame thrower after all)