Thursday, April 23, 2009


Thursday, April 23, 2009

I wish I had something new and exciting to write about, but the truth is- I'm boring. I waffle back and forth between being incredibly upset about this fact and being comforted and not really giving a damn- you know, "May you lead an interesting life" and all that curse jazz.

Aside from nearly dying yet again on my morning walk to work, when a woman slipped slightly while crossing the street, flinging her arms out for balance and accidentally pushing me into the path of an oncoming city bus, not much happens in my day-to-day. But you know, this is a day-to-day blog, and I guess I just have to *own it*.

It's 2:35 and I still haven't eaten lunch, I'm meeting Amanda at the gym after work and then I plan to settle in for a long late-winter-god-is-it-spring-yet television mini-marathon of sci-fi shows that are soon to be cancelled. And possibly eat pasta or steak. Because nothing says "I deserve pasta or steak" quite like the emotional trauma of working out at our incredibly intimidating yupptastic fitness studio filled with bikini fitness models. Who are actually wearing bikinis. Please hand me a donut.

What a thrilling life I lead. At least on Monday I'll hopefully come back to ye blog with tales from my very first Comic-Con, Gary's birthday and my inability to find a meaningful gift for the occasion, attempting to have a very expensive and important dress taken in three full sizes in the next three weeks, and brunch at the Palliser (yum brunch).


RostockRose said...

I don't understand. You just said you were going to the Comic-Con. All they do there is sell nerd-fetish merchandice. Follow Gary+watch what he drools on = meaningful gift.

The meaning: "I can accept your love of Xena: Warrior Princess, even if I don't understand it." Now that's what I call love.

(Or maybe I'm projecting.)

Lady Rose said...

Did I say I accepted your love of Xena: Warrior Princess? huh. that must be love talking. or beer. either way.

Meg said...

You guys are truly an inspiration. And totally my go-to example of a modern, functional marriage.

No pressure.

Wayne C. said...

So where is this Gym? :)

I enjoy your blog. I don't think your boring.

Meg said...

Aw, thanks, Wayne.

Paper Bag Princess said...

Aww, yuck. The gym you describe is exactly why I bought a treadmill!

Sterling Lynch said...

Hmm, Wayne already bet me to the punch :). Employed people!

Meg said...

Oh, as if. The line for the elliptical with the best view of the bikini, er, weight floor is already long enough.

I'll never tell! ;)