Thursday, April 16, 2009


Thursday, April 16, 2009

For my birthday Gary gave me an iPod, a jar of gummi bears (our 'traditional' gift exchange item) and a book of word and number puzzles from Starbucks. We all know I love Starbucks, we all know I love word puzzles. I once carried around a tattered, folded, torn copy of the Sunday Times Crossword around in my purse until I finished it. It took weeks.

I'd admired the book a few times while waiting for my morning coffee, but never in his presence. This makes him a very intuitive gift-giver. This freaks me out because next week it's his birthday (27!) (okay, totally not at all but I told him we could count backwards!) and I have absolutey no ideas for awesome, mind-blowing gifts. I have three ideas for perfectly good, not-a-surprise-in-any-way gifts. But no mind-blowing "really? how did you know?" prezzies.

But that's not the point. The point is, I like word games and puzzles, crosswords and anagrams and even sudoku, which isn't a word game but is along the same lines, because they are logical. There is a process. It's a neat and tidy problem-solving challenge. There are no crashed timelines, no unexpected boosts in workloads, no unreliable contributors, no politics, no inter-personal relations related challenges. There is a cycle, a puzzle, a sense of accomplishment. It's an easy win. I like to sit down with a pencil and figure it out because I just can't do that in my day to day life. There are no easy wins outside of games.

Amanda's right. Careers, they suck.

And I loved that board game.


Lady Rose said...

I love a good Sunday morning Sudoku-fest. There is definitley something very soothing about word or number puzzles.

Hi. My name is Amanda and I write boring comments.

Laurel said...

I'd take a good sudoku puzzle over straddling office egos any day. I even have a sudoku app on my ipod -- you may want to check it out!

Now I'm off to Starbucks to scope out this puzzle book.

Sterling Lynch said...

I used to love puzzles. Crosswords, especially. Then, one day, I went, what the hell am I doing this for when I could be doing x, y, or z, which I also enjoy but results in something other than a finished but useless puzzle.

Actually, now that I think about it, I really like games best when it involves other people. I enjoyed working at crosswords because it was something me and my girlfriend of the time did together. After we broke, I eventually had my moment of awakening.

Paper Bag Princess said...

I really don't enjoy puzzles, sudoku, etc. and used to consider it a great personal failing. Now I just watch Coronation Street and try to decipher various British accents - it is equally nerdy fun.