Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hear my desperate plea...

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

So far today, I have crossed three action items off my to-do list.

I have reduced my emails "flagged for follow up" (and they are colour-coded by department) from 38 to 14.

I have prepared an outline for a major project, designed award certificates, opened my mail, reviewed my voicemail messages from last night and prioritized the rest of my day's tasks into the four quadrants of productivity.

Yeaaaaah. The real world- it sucks.

Is there anyone out there willing to put a jaded, wide-eyed brunette through grad school?

I'll make you cookies.

Granted, they won't be as good as Amanda's.

Anyone? Anyone?


AIDS Calgary said...
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Lady Rose said...

I could probably whip up a batch of something delicious for your grad school sugar-daddy (or mommy). I mean, I'll take almost any excuse to bake!!

Senor Ping said...

I think one degree per offspring is all that is required for 2000ish type of parents.

One Degree of Separation?

Sterling Lynch said...

If you really want to get jaded, grad school will do it. :)