Monday, April 06, 2009

Tight Present!

Monday, April 06, 2009
I know, without a doubt, as of this morning at around 11:00, that I became a full-blown adult.

No, my birthday is tomorrow. And it has nothing to do with numbers or dates, this particular epiphany.

No, this time, it's circumstantial.

We have some serious problems with our server at work. It wrecks havoc quite often, and productivity around the joint grinds to a halt.

Well, our server was down today, and so no work was accomplished. Ultimately, after our lunch potluck (oooops, totally forgot about that one, thank god for Safeway), we were sent home.

I know what you're thinking: CELEBRATE!

It's a beautiful spring day! Tomorrow is my birthaversary! It's already a short work week!

But here's the catch, and the pivotal moral of the story:

I'm too busy to go home early. I'm too busy, people, and I already put in some extra time on Sunday! I have too much to do for bonus time off!! This is an incredible inconvenience and I am chapped!


Well, at least now I don't feel so bad about my appointment to have my car serviced this afternoon. Grumbleadultcakes.


Abbey Shaw said...

Happy birthday tomorrow love!

Lady Rose said...

you aren't even at work! I'm begrudging that 45 seconds I took out of my day to write you a nonsensical email.