Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Young and the Childless

Sunday, April 19, 2009
I have this theory that children can tell whether or not adults are parents.

Yesterday, Gary and I went out for lunch with his old friend Melissa. Not old as in, Ye Olde, but rather, Melissa was essentially the first person Gary met after moving here from BC. She's a really nice girl, but we never see her because 1) we refuse to leave the inner city and 2) she has a 3 year old son, and you know how those tend to suck up your time.

Yesterday afternoon we drove her back to her mother's house, who was taking care of her son. She asked if we wanted to come in to say hello to him (D), and of course, being childless, unmarried yuppies, we leapt at the chance to interact with a child in its natural habitat.

It went well.

Except for the fact that D kept screaming "I don't like those people!! I don't like those people!!"

I guess he wouldn't be interested in visiting us this summer, swimming in our awesome pool, playing with Gary's 21 year old lego pirate ship (hah hah, just kidding, Gary...) and eating all the ice cream and gummi bears his little tummy could handle! As far as he knows, we could be the ultimate purveyors of childhood bliss!

But nope. That kid could tell that we were not parents from the wide-eyed looks of terror/joy/apprehension on our faces and he wasn't having it.

That's okay. More ice cream for me!


Sterling Lynch said...

I find kids fascinating, for about fifteen minutes and then they suddenly transform into an energy black hole. Too much freaking attention required!