Friday, May 15, 2009

The 900th

Friday, May 15, 2009
I woke up early this morning and drove Gary to work.

Then I made toast.

Then I looked for a job for an hour.

And now I'm trying to figure out how I can stretch three errands out to fill an entire 8 hour day before I return to pick Gary back up.

These are the waking hours of my life. Lived in 650 square feet. Alone.

Occasionally I talk to Peter, the guy that runs the convenience store. Except he doesn't really speak English. So it's more like encountering another human as opposed to engaging in conversation with another human.

I'm so desperate that I struck up a conversation in the elevator with a crazy old lady doing laundry at 7:15 am. She needed to re-do her laundry because it smelled funny.

I am going crazy and for the first time in history, I am not looking forward to a long weekend.


What a waste of my nine hundredth blog post. What a waste of my mid-twenties. What a waste.


Gary said...

Don’t be depressed my Megan, nothings wasted. I'm very happy becouse I have you in my life. You can look forward to our evening at the CPO tonight. I promise you will enjoy it.

RostockRose said...

These additional hours might be a great time to do some of that meta-job search type stuff. You know - define what your perfect job would feel like. Possibly in collage format. Or interpretive dance. One of those. If you did a collage, you could post the result on the interwebs! If you develop an interpretive dance - youtube! (And also AFA funding!)

Breanne said...

LOVE the idea of an interpretive dance. Now that wouldn't be a waste of a post!!! And this wasn't a waste of a post either - don't be a debbie downer. I'm betting you'll look back at your mid-twenties as oh-so relaxing and lovely (especially once you have childrens, then there will be no relaxing or loveliness, just insanity. Or that's my impression of parenthood anyway)

Also - I sent you some jobs yo. :)

Wayne C. said...

It sounds like you are just looking for the company and stimulation of other people to give you energy. I am also an etravert (MB spelling) so I need this too.

Have you thought about taking a notebook to a cafe with wifi access or going to an Internet cafe where they provide computers. This way you could look for a job, write for your blog, drink coffee, and be surrounded by people. Bring some business cards because you might meet someone who will be useful to you.
I'm going to do this.

I am also going to meet people who have worked in different aspects of the communications field (speech writers for example) and see what that is like. This is inline with the meta-job search stuff that RostockRose is talking about.

Also have fun. Take time for yourself and fight The Fear

Sterling Lynch said...

It's totally OK to feel some frustration loneliness etc. Totally natural. It takes time but things will improve once you find your unemployment feet.

I understand vodka and sex in the city helps beat the unemployment blues. :)