Friday, May 22, 2009


Friday, May 22, 2009
It's funny.

I can sleep pretty much anywhere. Sitting up, lying down, propped against a wall. On a couch, in a chair, on the floor.

Well, or least I thought I could.

Now I've found that after falling asleep one way for months in a row, any deviation from that position leaves me turning and shifting, unable to relax. Uneasy. Uncomfortable. Lonely. Restless.

It certainly does not help that my mother has hijacked what has always, as long as I can remember, been MY bed in the blue bedroom at Grandma's. So not only am I not in my normal sleeping nook, I'm in my brother's designated bed at Grandma Olga's. Bleh.


Lady Rose said...

aha! Now, finally, you understand why I accidentally spooned you that time!! It's my deep sleeping position.

Meg said...

accidental, eh? This whole time I thought it was because I was breathing too loudly.

Sterling Lynch said...

Several ounces of vodka will restore your powers.