Monday, May 04, 2009

Bring to me unconventional movie food! Like a pie, and perhaps a whopper with just cheese and ketchup!

Monday, May 04, 2009

Well, I had a decent weekend. Parts of it were great, particularly the parts where I was drinking beer and watching fluffy rom-coms and summertime blockbusters.

Did you know that at the theatre in Chinook Centre, they have a POPCORN CART?! It comes right into the theatre! I was shocked! And a bit ruffled, because Amanda and I had just gotten up, climbed over a row of people and stood in line, subjecting ourselves to the randomest of upsales from the concession stand guy and climbed back over that same row of people only to return to our seats and within minutes, be offered the same treats we foraged so valiantly for! Why would I ever get out of my seat to stand in line when the treats could be brought directly TO me!

But now I know. I know the secret to uninterrupted pre-movie time. Never again will I miss the stupid pre-show trivial and cell phone ads, because I will sit. I will sit on my lazy North-American backside and the teenagers, oh, the teenagers- they will bring my popcorn and licorice to me.

Ahhh. I see a long summer of sci-fi flash and free with purchase of a movie ticket air conditioning ahead. Summertime, and the livin' just got considerably easier.


Paper Bag Princess said...

A popcorn cart? Well now I've heard everything. I am jealous actually. Over here I must hoof it like a sucker to the concession counter, and wait in line with the masses, though I do find that purchasing the voucher with my tickets streamlines the process a little. (:

oooh I love movie popcorn so much. Weirdly a lot. When I go to the movies I plan to make a big tub (the TUB!) of popcorn my 'supper' and, if I let myself, I could eat the entire thing. And I hate sharing, no matter how large and excessive my tub is! I totally resent sharing with my husband! I'm like a snarly dog with a bone with my tub and its just plain weird.

Sterling Lynch said...

I think the cart may be a throw-back to the old days.