Saturday, May 16, 2009


Saturday, May 16, 2009
Last night Gary took me to the Symphony.

Except, uh, it was full of lasers and smoke and light fx and giant projection screens and guitar hero played with the philharmonic. And crazy people in costumes.

Video Games Live
may indeed be a bastardization of centuries old orchestratic tradition, and yes, Ludwig Van B. is rolling in his grave, but seriously. If the opportunity ever presents itself, it's absolutely an evening worth the cost of admission.

Except next time I'd like to not sit beside any furries. That'd be great.

PS- For those of you keeping score, that makes two of the penultimate nerding activities Gary has taken me to in one month. Coming soon, Megan and Gary go to the Home and Garden Expo, Gary and Megan re-enact the final scene from Dirty Dancing and Gary helps Megan pick out the perfect pair of black pumps!


Paper Bag Princess said...

Gary and my husband Kevin sound eerily similar in their nerdly habits. Kevin saw an ad for VGL at Chapters and feigned disinterest because he didn't think I'd go with him...