Friday, May 01, 2009

Now please hand over that gold star for effort

Friday, May 01, 2009

Ahh. Friday. How I love thee. I love thee because I am no longer forced to wear business casual attire, and rock on into the office in jeans and a green t-shirt with a big white fish on it.

It's cuter than it sounds, I swear. It's not a Big Mouth Billy Bass Big Reel Fishing Competition 1998 Souvenier T-shirt. I swear.

I also love Fridays because I take the opportunity to get slide into weekend mentality a little earlier. I break up the monotony by...gasp...listening to my iPod at my desk. I'm technically not supposed to, because "technology" is "evil" (I see their point) but I've made a special request so I can use it to block out  background noise and be uber creative while writing copy for annual reports and research grants.

Did you know that the best playlist for writing sponsorship proposal documents is very angry rock music and pop music heavy on the sexual innuendos?

Yep. There's nothing like hammering out some great statistical analysis reports and verbage about use of donor dollars while pumping Closer by NIN in the background. (Mom, don't google that. Please.)

It does get sort of awkward when my coworkers overhear me singing along, headphones in. But you know. I'm rebellious. I'm youthful. I'm Gen-Y. That's how we roll.


Wayne C. said...

I once got caught singing "Today" by the Smashing Pumpkins at work. I wasn't even wearing earphones it was just in my head. I also didn't realize I was singing out loud.

I should probably seek counselling :)

Paper Bag Princess said...

I listen my ipod at work all the time now. Low enough to hear if someone is knocking on the door, or talking to me. If I'm doing something mindless I can even listen to an audiobook. No one cares. I recently (deliberately) broke the jeans on friday only rule, and no one said anything. As long as they are 'trouser jeans' and are paired with a blazer or some spiffy top, no one minds. A whole new world of wardrobe possibilities opened up to me! Yeah, you might say I like to *push the envelope* at work. Its the way I roll.

hee hee hee. not.

Meg said...

I tried that. I broke the dress code for about three months, then was publicly reprimanded. Sigh. It's not like I showed up naked or wearing a hot-pink terry cloth romper!