Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Tuesday, May 19, 2009
I've been a good little haus-frau this morning. (cue sarcasm)

Up early? Check.
Dressed? Check.
Vacuumed? Check.
Two loads of laundry? Check.
Reload laundry card? Check.
Enormous kitchen full of dishes? Check.
Tidy kitchen? Check.
Booked appointment with temp agency for interview? Check.

That is enough productivity to last for the entire day, methinks. Fortunately I have some historical smutty television to watch and a Ben and Jerry's ice cream bar in the freezer.


Paper Bag Princess said...

Historical smutty tv?? - is it The Tudors??? I love The Tudors...

Meg said...

Indeed! The uncut version of Season One, which was responsible for me loudly proclaiming to a roommate on several occasions,

"I'm not watching porn! I swear! I swear it's historical! I swear!"

Lady Rose said...

The Tudors season 1. I'm swooning just remembering it.

If there's anything I love more than fictional recreations of the Arthur legend it's fictional recreations of the life of Henry VIII.

I want to wear sweeping gowns and plot against mine enemies!!

Paper Bag Princess said...

Me too. And drink from gold goblets. There is seriously no way that the Tudors were having that much smut. Viva historical interpretism!