Monday, May 11, 2009

Things I should have learned

Monday, May 11, 2009
In Mrs. Wilson's Home Ec class, I learned many valuable life lessons- how to budget for groceries, that gingerbread architecture is more difficult than it looks, the proper way to rinse dishes (believe it or not, Gary...) and that boys cannot be trusted to add the proper amount of oil to Wacky Cake.

Unless you like cake that can bounce.

But today, I learned that the most important lesson that she hammered home again and again really is very important.

I decided this morning after I dropped Gary off at work, ran a few awkward errands and went for a swim that I would use the extremely overripe bananas we have kicking around and make banana muffins. Thrifty! Frugal! Delicious!

I set about melting butter and mashing nanners and measuring flour. Then when it came time to add the baking soda...wait. We're out of baking soda.

No harm! We have a conveniently located convenience store in our building! And he has baking soda! And now the oven is fully preheated and soon, muffinliciousness will be mine!

Back upstairs, I fold the wet ingredients into the dry, being very careful not to overmix for fear of that dreaded gross muffin texture. Grabbing the butter wrapper I peeled off and saved to grease the muffin pan (super thrifty!), I...

screeching halt.

Mrs. Wilson always told us to take everything out and set it up in the kitchen before you start. That way, everything is close at hand. And you would immediately be aware if you were missing something.

Like a muffin tin.

So, in 20 minutes, I will have delicious banana muffin cake. Hopefully. But seriously, how is it that I am 25 years old, have been living under my own roof for seven years and I suddenly am without a muffin tin?

Moreover, how is it that Gary doesn't have one?! We have two crockpots, two rice cookers, two can openers, nineteen wooden spoons and two full sets of table wear.

But no muffin tins.

Argh. I'm sorry, Mrs. Wilson. I have let you down. I am ashamed.


Paper Bag Princess said...

Hmmm, if this happened to me I'd have gone the ONE GIGANTIC MUFFIN route. On a cookie sheet. Failing that, I'd probably try microwaving it in a pyrex dish. I microwave Pillsbury pre-made cookie dough all the time!

What did you???

Snowflake said...

Something to add to your Xmas list!!
Reading your blog has inspired me to bake banana muffins, which recipe did you use?

Meg said...

I went the one giant muffin route and baked it in a round cake pan.

Mysteriously, it didn't turn out very well. It's quite dry. I've never made this particular recipe - a random one I found online - before, but I won't make it again. I think I'll use the Best of Bridge banana muffin recipe next time, and actually use muffin tins.

Sterling Lynch said...

I don't think I've ever baked a muffin in my life. But, during my university flatting days, I'd always end up with a muffin thingie or two in my possession. Mostly because I couldn't bring myself to discard anything that seemed in perfectly good order for its intended purpose and someone would invariably leave one behind. They were the bane of my moving and packing existence. Awkward to pack and absolutely useless to me. God, I hate those things. :)

I actually went to check my stove to see if one had somehow slipped into my possession. They often get left behind in the bottom of ovens. And I am neurotic.

Paper Bag Princess said...

We got a set of muffin tins two years ago as a wedding gift and they are still in the plastic!

I am not much of a baker but a couple of times a year I make biscotti. MMMmmmmmm. So yummy and so easy to make!