Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Vedding: T-minus 46 hours

Thursday, May 21, 2009
Well, I am buffed and polished and shiny. Preparations for my cousin Erin's wedding are in full swing, and from what I can tell, my main job is to eat cake.

Uh, I mean, be there to support the bride and take care of anything she needs doing. And eat cake.

Last night Mom and I arrived in Yorkton at about 10:00. After a long day of driving my dusty Mazda3 across many miles of dustier prairie, instead of heading for the sleeping zone (which would have been the smart thing to do), I was keyed up and helped by cutting salvage edges off many yards of purple lace for centrepieces.

It is yet to be seen whether anyone will notice that certain squares, the ones that were trimmed closer to 11:30 pm, are signficantly more jiggidy and significantly less square.

This morning the female half of the bridal party had lunch and spent several hours getting our nails done.

Now I am exhaaaausted from all that buffing!


I wonder if there's anymore of that cake kickin' around?


Robert said...

Yes, don't forget to re-fuel often with cake. I hope you have an excellent weekend.

Paper Bag Princess said...

It's tough being a lady of leisure! Wow - you're in my neck of the woods! Have fun at the wedding!!