Thursday, May 28, 2009

Wikipedia: Pack of Lies

Thursday, May 28, 2009
I am crushed.

In researching our upcoming trip to Germany, I fumbled my way across the internet. Some of the towns we will be visiting are quite small and aren't tourist attractions, so fewer resources exist than for, say, Munich.

One of the towns we will be visiting, Mainbernheim, has a wikipedia entry. You can clicky, or I'll sum it up for you:

Mainbernheim has a population of approximately 2400, the town having grown significantly due to new developments outside the city walls. The gummi-bear factory, Bären Schmidt, is the major industry there. Some extant points of interest include the 400-year-old farmhouses along Herrnstraße, which transverses the city from gate to gate and hosts several historic hotels and restaurants.

Wait a second.


(sidenote to self: Next year, do your hair on Christmas eve...)

I LOVE GUMMI BEARS. So I did more poking around the internet.

And tragedy struck.

Turns out that Bären Schmidt is a Lebkuchen, or gingerbread, factory.

Wikipedia, you are LIARS. And even though my disappointment is marginally buffered by delicious cookies...LIARS. Filthy filthy liars.


Wayne C. said...

I think gummy bears have to be hunted in the wild :)

Paper Bag Princess said...

Gummy bears are chewy goodness! Maybe you'll find some chocolate covered ones in Germany!! Do you think they exist or did I just make it up in my fantasies?

Sterling Lynch said...

As a lad, I both tortured gummy bears & enacted gummy bear orgies. I was wrathful and loving God.

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