Thursday, May 07, 2009

With an abundance of free time

Thursday, May 07, 2009
I find it extremely amusing that this morning, with no office to go to, I woke up at 5:00 am. I was out of bed and dressed (ish) by 6:00. I was eating get the picture. And now, it's not even 8:00 am and I have accomplished the single thing on my to-do list: brush my hair.

Yesterday, with an office to go to, I woke up at 8:00. I got out of bed at 8:30, scrambled to get dressed and ready for the day, and skipped the toast.

So now I have a full day ahead of me. My options are unlimited. I could go for a long walk, take myself out for coffee. I could bake: macaroons, bread, cupcakes. I could finish reading Guns, Germs and Steel or complete my latest knitting project, a baby blanket in shades of blue.

(The baby, Jillian, was born 6 weeks ago. Ooops.)

I could play hours of Spider Solitare or read blogs until my little heart stops. I could go to the gym, I could do three hours of yoga. I could scrub every surface in our apartment until it glistens. I could start writing a salacious romance novel or a tell-all about magical rocks and blue shooters.

But I think I'll go back to bed.


Paper Bag Princess said...

Yes, go back to bed. You've earned it by putting in your time for the MAN! The baking and knitting and cleaning can wait until next week, or the week after. The month after even! Loaf until you can loaf no more. That would be my advice.

Oh, but blog! For your loyal readers!