Thursday, May 14, 2009

Yesterday's random thinkings

Thursday, May 14, 2009
I'm sitting in "my office" (the bedroom) this morning for a change of scenery. I'm trying to stick to my uber-strict budget, ie: spending zero dollars, so my usual unemployment haunts are off-limits. Unless someone wants to take me out for a latte. I've got some time in my schedule. Call me.

I didn't have anything positive to say yesterday, so I refrained from blogging. When mein Freund (German, still paying off, see?) came home last night wondering why, I explained that I had been advised not to spill my emotional guts on the internet.

For good reason. I understand that this is a public forum and as such, anything I say is viewable by anyone, at any time. It's like posting nude photos of myself on Facebook. That's a no, by the way.

This blog is google-searchable by my first and last name, and I currently have no qualms about potential employers, former high school teachers and my potential in-laws finding it. Currently.

But if I posted here about how I was feeling yesterday, my pathetic ramblings wouldn't do me, my reputation or any of my blog followers any good.

But then he reminded me that blogging is a good source of stress relief. That it helps to get those emotions out there. Or at least give me something to do, and gosh-darn-it, some people still have jobs and need procrastinatory material!

So here it is. The list of things that I thought about yesterday, in no particular order:

1. (While mashing potatoes) I've never made mashed potatoes before. How is this possible? This is easy. Why was I so afraid of this?
2. This stuffed hippo makes a really good pillow.
3. Uhhhnnn, 55 minutes of lazy biking really is a decent workout. I can't feel my left foot. Uuuuhhhhn.
4. We should have a baby!
5. Don't be RIDICULOUS, BAILEY. This is the third worst possible time in your life to have a baby. Worst time number one: While in High School. Worst time number two: Between second and third year of university. Mounting debt, not yet employable. Worst time number three: While living in sin with one's boyfriend, who is currently the sole breadwinner of the family unit. Going from DINKS to SINKS to SIWKS is a baaad idea in the span of a few weeks.
6. I wonder how many calories are in a bag of Doritos, and if that constitutes a fully balanced lunch. Meh. Good enough.
7. I don't understand why second language classes are so focused on grammar and conjugation instead of teaching me to speak less like a cyborg, more like a human. Even if it's a 5 year old human. Dative tense? Indirect article? WTF?
8. I should go back to school full time.
9. I wonder if I have anything I could pawn or sell on ebay. Hmm, appears that I have no possessions of re-sale quality.
10. I really need to get these caterpillar eyebrows waxed.


Breanne said...

I think of #9 as a potential easy money making idea like weekly. Usually I try to convince Kevin to let me sell his things... it has yet to work.

Paper Bag Princess said...

hee hee, Meg you are too funny. I enjoy your blog VERY much - procrastinating at work or not. Don't worry, nothing too incriminating here. Similar things cross my mind throughout the day. Except number 4 - swap that for, 'how much longer can I avoid having a baby...' hee hee, I'm kidding I think.


Robert said...

In an effort to help you save money, I can take care of number 10 for you. I'd also like to take you for coffee. What about tomorrow?

Meg said...

Hmm. I don't think Gary would notice if I "accidentally" auctioned off some of his hi-fi equipment. It's bound to happen, I mean, how can I tell what is his and what is mine anymore? Mixed households! Anything can happen!

PBP- I've decided that 43 is my upper limit for procreating. Though that gives me a good 18 years for medical magic to catch up and let me pop out spawn well into my 60's. That the next 3-5 years is "the plan" (insert ominous sound fx here).

Sterling Lynch said...

Great post. Remember, Germans are cyborgs.