Thursday, June 04, 2009

Fashion: Failure

Thursday, June 04, 2009
Inspired by the lovely Ms. PBP, who does the most awesome what-I'm-wearing type posts that make me incredibly jealous of her wardrobe (and her ability to pull together animal prints and not look anything at all like a 65 year old hussy named Ethel who frequents the Bingo Barn in Boca Raton, as some of us are prone to do when wearing giraffe...):

What I wish I was wearing today

Please note the inclusion of a Moleskine notebook, the brand of notebooks used by such greats as Hemingway...

What I am actually wearing today

Mildly depressing. With the exception of the red jacket, gladiator sandals and that exact bag, I almost own the first outfit.

Please. Someone. Help me dress myself in something other than a black tshirt/sweater and jeans!


Lady Rose said...

I'm really good at having different colours of t-shirts. Perhaps you could try that? (Today I'm wearing my turquoise t-shirt, yesterday I wore my magenta t-shirt, tomorrow I'm thinkging it's high time for green t-shirt to make an appearance)

Paper Bag Princess said...

Oh, you are too kind. Besides, I only post my decent outfits - not the fugs!

I think your 'actual outfit' is already lovely and has all the makings of fabilis ensemble!! Maybe consider adding a peg? Or a scarf? Or my new chum, the statement necklace...easy as pie. Or easy as Tikka Masala. mmmmmmm, Tikka Masala...