Friday, June 05, 2009


Friday, June 05, 2009
I have a kitchen full of dishes to wash (grumble) and laundry to do, but it's raining and for some strange reason that makes me very happy, so I'm going to seek out a coffee shop and do some character sketches for a writing project I've been working on since the dawn of time.

Except this time I think I might actually write it.

One week from this time exactly, I'll be getting into a cab with my bags and my boyfriend and leaving for the airport. Sweeeet.


Wayne C. said...

I wish you a productive writing session.
I like going to coffee shops to work/write/read too.
Especially, when they have organic coffee and Internet access :)

Meg said...

Thanks, Wayne!

It was super productive- and I found this gem of a coffee shop, an independent joint I'd never been in before. I think it (plus 40 oz of sweet sweet java and maybe a slice of apple pie) lit a fire under my character sketching brain and I got some serious work done!