Monday, July 20, 2009


Monday, July 20, 2009
Summertime. Sandy shoes, sunburn, salty ripple chips and hot dogs. Crystal lite. Country time lemonade. Beer me! And room-temperature diet coke.

Bushpies. Make mine PB&J.

Oldies radio, The Eagles on tape. Maybe some Billy Joel, the Beatles for good measure.

Camp stove cookout, fried eggs in bacon grease. The way God intended.

Hot chocolate with a marshmallow in plastic mugs, olive green, brown and orange. Little fingers wrapped around to keep warm.

Shower shoes, bar soap- probably Zest.

Fighting over who does the dishes. I can't, I broke my arm! followed the next year by I can't, I have stitches in my leg!. Not a good excuse.

Tarps, bungee cords, elaborate campsite markers. Stacks of bikes. Velcro-pad catch with a fuzzy tennis ball.

More patio lanterns. Vegas looks dim in comparison.


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