Monday, July 20, 2009

Feels like back-to-school

Monday, July 20, 2009
Tomorrow's the day, friends!

I'm anxiously preparing my back-to-work outfit. I still haven't decided- will the blue cotton top from H&M look better with the black pencil skirt or the black bermuda shorts? Or should I skip to a navy tie-neck top with a brown skirt and cute, retro-looking pumps? Definitely not a suit, though.

So many decisions. Such a limited closet.

Straight hair or curly? Do I remember how to apply eyeliner and not look like a racoon? (I am mostly opposed to wearing makeup on weekends and days that I don't go to work, so it's been a while)

I've got my lunch plans laid out (PB&J, for luck) and comfy shoes for the walk. I've got a clean new notebook, some good pens, and a coffee cup. I'm set to go. Wish me luck!


Lady Rose said...

you don't need luck. you'll be fabulous dahling!!

post-fab princess said...

Knock em dead!! Except maybe the payroll peeps - let them be.