Friday, July 10, 2009

Friday night's alright for assembling cheap shelving

Friday, July 10, 2009
Or, at the very least, watching your boy-person do it for you.

I know that I am perfectly capable of assembling my own flat-pack swedish furnishings. However, in every single instance where I have purchased and dragged home said furnishings, I have called upon a brother or a boyfriend to do it for me.


Because I can. And because it certainly boosts the male ego, which is an important thing to stroke. Particularly when you want them to go back to Ikea with you yet again to buy even more tchotckes. Sleek, urban, chic, cheap tchotckes.

Wicker baskets, anyone?


Sterling Lynch said...

I won't likely buy from Ikea again. The money saved is lost in the hours of assembly. It wouldn't be a problem if one enjoyed it, but it is a pain in the ass to me.

post-fab princess said...

I loathe assembling IKEA bits, which is why I, Gynocentric Gertrude that I am, play the 'but you're better at it' and 'but I don't waaaannna' card with hubs. He does it alone, and an hour's worth of clanging, banging, and potty mouth ensues.

I know pulling that card is unfair, but I figure patriarchy owes me a solid. Hubs won't dispose of bugs for me though. I gotta do that myself!! Hmph. (:

Meg said...

My old roommate Sarah was the best at assembling Ikea furniture. I wish I could call her over and throw a tea party, but instead of tea she would get to assemble furniture. So I make do with the Gary I've got at home. He seems to like the manly challenge.