Monday, July 06, 2009

Germany, in photos!

Monday, July 06, 2009
My day is full of unsavoury tasks, like dealing with my laundry and washing dishes and various grumble cakey things. Like coming to grips with the notion that when I purchased cereal yesterday, I went wild, buying the most fun breakfast food I could think of- Fibre One Raisin Bran - and I was actually really excited to eat it.


Anywhoodle, I thought I'd post some photos to tide you over while I sift through grubby vacation clothes. Ew. Suitcase sweat.

These are all from Gary's camera, as I haven't gotten my act together and uploaded mine yet. I assure you they are almost the same.

Ahh, picturesque Regensburg. Narrow streets, tile roof tops, colourful buildings older than Canada.

This building was constructed by the Romans in about 100 AD. Old, old buildings.

We ate a lot!

We were edutained!

We saw ancient castle ruins and a strange temple commemorating German-speaking persons, housed in an ancient Greek style monument...

We ate Gummi Bears!

And we drank beer. Sweet, delicious, coldish beer.


Snowflake said...

Awesome photos!! Did you bring some German cooking skills back with you so you can make us some of those delicious looking dishes?

post-fab princess said...

Oh yay!!! Photos! Looks amazing!! And y'all are pretty people. Did the scent of schnitzel and beer waft up from your suitcase when you opened it?

Fiber One?? Girl, at least get the Mueslix or something. Fiber One is a little...making me feel bad for you.

Wayne C. said...

Great photos. Sounds like you had a great time and ate and drank well. That's what vacations are all about.

Robert said...

Megan you look so good in those photos. Fresh, relaxed and fit.

Meg said...

Mom- I didn't, but I'm thinking of checking out some Bavarian cooking websites or books and giving it a crack!

PFB - Awww! Thank you! Tragically, my suitcase wafted with the smell of sweaty travelling clothes instead of schnitzel. The Fibre One debacle is depressing, but not as cardboardy as one may think. Needs more raisins, though.

Wayne- thanks! I wish for more vacations for all.

Robert- You make me blush. Can't wait to see you!

Lady Rose said...

That Milka with the toffee bits in it was droolicious!!

I recently got excited purchasing Corn Flakes. It's like I had forgotten that Corn Flakes existed and that I could top said Flakes with delicious fruit combinations.

post-fab princess said...

^OMG, LR, was it that commercial with the rooster running around and secretly dumping fruit in people's Cornflakes??? Cause that totally got me remembering the endless combos of fruit + Cornflakes too.