Thursday, July 02, 2009

Home again!

Thursday, July 02, 2009
We arrived last night, an hour and a half delayed for the stupidest reason. I won't name names, because I didn't care to ask, but we sat in Toronto on the tarmac in the plane for almost an hour while Air Canada tried to locate two passengers who had checked in, checked their luggage, and then disappeared.

After about 30 minutes, they decided to pull their 4 checked bags off the plane. I don't really understand the rationale behind it- I get that bags cannot fly without the attached passenger for various explosive safety reasons. But what of the thousands of bags that get misplaced or misdirected every day? If it's an accident, whoops, no prob. But when you're inconveniencing 150 people and as a result, skewing the flight plans of two airports and two people don't show up because they are having a leisurely cocktail in the departure lounge? God gracious, Batman! Get those suitcases off the plane!

So Air Canada removed all the luggage from the plane, sorted through them, located the 4 suspicious bags...and the couple showed up. So they put the bags all back on the plane. And I shot laser death glares at this man and woman for 4 hours, because they were seated directly in front of us.

I made sure to do my part by aggressively pushing the buttons on the head rest entertainment system.

I may be slightly incoherent because of yesterday's epic 24 hours of alertness, and a wicked time change (I feel like going for a beer. Anyone for beer? It's 8:22 am!), so I apologize for sentence fragments and stylistic issues.

But we're back, with our bags and about 7 kilos of chocolate and Haribo gummi bears.

Which conveniently enough, was exactly the weight we were over on our baggage allowance. But the nice folks at the Munich airport just waved us on by. How sweet of them!

And on a final note, when you tell Canadian Customs that you purchased, between the two of you, $1200 worth of euro-jeans and chocolate, they might not believe you, regardless of whether it's the truth or not. But you just hold to that declaration card. They can sift through your meticulously-packed overweight luggage if they must- but the likelihood of those bags getting closed again once open is mighty slim.


Lady Rose said...

welcome home!

I can't believe you're up and blogging already. No first day sleep in?

Meg said...

good lord. I think Gary was up at 4:00, and I got out of bed shortly after 6. We were drinking coffee at the 'bucks by 6:40. It might have something to do with the fact that my body thinks it's about 5:30 pm.

An afternoon nap will be in order...

Wayne C. said...

I'm glad your back safe and sound. One thing I don't get. How is wanting to go for beer at 8:30 a.m inappropriate? :)

Jet lag is always tricky. Sunlight is key to reset your clock. Get as much as you can.

Snowflake said...

I'm waiting for you to post some pictures of your vacation. Especially all the photos of german food!!!

post-fab princess said...

Welcome home!! Yay more Meg-posts. Hope you had a fab trip!!!

Those two turdy-- I mean tardy folks should not have been allowed to board after they removed their luggage - they ought to be punished for their insolence!!!

Sterling Lynch said...

MMm, morning beer. Good with eggs. And a shot or two of tequila. Best reserved for vacations.