Friday, July 10, 2009

Locked in.

Friday, July 10, 2009
Whew! Friday already! Holy cats, how did that happen?

Oh, right. I spent the better part of two days flipping flap jacks and avoiding grease burns. Then I participated in a focus group that left me feeling both snappy and smart and like the future Soccer Mom of Babylon (aside: apparently I'm the only GenY on the planet that would consider their future family planning when purchasing a home. Good to know.)

What else happened this week? A variety of trying to ward off migraines, meeting my new coworkers, hitting the gym with Amanda, cooking up a deelish Mediterranean Orzo and Chicken dinner.

And then, whammo! Friday.

I decided that I would enjoy the beautiful Friday weather and do some new-job prep work outside. Our building has a really gorgeous second-floor courtyard garden, which also happens to be just off the swimming pool. I packed a little bag of necessities, slipped into my two-piece and wandered downstairs.

Only to discover that all the doors leading outside where locked. All of them. I checked at least 5 doors on both the east and west sides of the courtyard. Locked.

So I stood, sad, staring out at an empty courtyard built just for Megans, then came back upstairs.

I called our building office, asked them why the doors were all locked, and they told me they'd check it out. And promptly hung up. Without taking down my phone number to get back to me with an answer.

So now, do I go back down for attempt number two? Or do I give up? Sigh. Summertime, and nothing seems to be easy.